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At ElderCare Advocates our services are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each and every individual client. Our "plan of care" is customized specifically to suit the needs of your family member, with the notion that "one size does not fit all" at least as it relates to people. Therefore, at ElderCare Advocates we'll first ask you to meet with us in person, if possible, preferably without the presence of your parents, at least initially, so that you'll have ample opportunity, as well as the time you need, to voice your concerns. Perhaps you're thinking that you have way too many concerns to address? Well then, come with a legal pad full of questions, bring your spouse or siblings if you so wish, take all the time you need, and we'll try to address as many of the issues as we can; financial, legal, medical, and social. Many of our clients have reported to us that after having participated in one of our thorough  "consultations" they have felt sufficiently empowered to advocate for their loved ones, for the time being, without using any of the other services which we provide. Other clients, however, because everyone's circumstances are different, ask us to follow-up our consultation with an "assessment" at the home of their parent(s); adult children, are welcome to participate if they so choose, but need not necessarily take time-off from their busy schedules to attend. We assure you that we have done this umpteen times, without children present, and have never been asked to leave, or "shown the door". Remember, we are professionals; we love what we do, feel very comfortable with the elderly, and we don't carry the emotional baggage that tends to get in the way and interfere with children and/or their parents from speaking freely. In fact, we have found that the elderly are frequently more up-front and frank  with us than they are with their children, regardless of how good their relationship may be; additionally, they will often listen to our suggestions much faster than they will to those offered by their children. So don't feel badly, it's not you or anything that you're doing, it's just the way these things are. Some issues, we have discovered, are just  simply too difficult in many cases to discuss with children, even if that particular child happens to be a physician, attorney, or even a psychologist. How many adult children feel at ease when discussing money, sex, loss of independence, or dying with their parents; certainly no one that we know. At ElderCare Advocates we can help you bridge this ubiquitous and nearly universal divide, develop a plan of care that resonates with your parents' wishes and at the same time is in sync with your concerns as well. Ultimately, your goals as well as those of ElderCare Advocates are mutual in that we both want for your loved ones to feel that their needs and are being adequately met, their hopes sustained, as well as for you to get a decent night's sleep.   

If your loved one is recuperating in a hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center, and you are planning for them to return home, we can assist you in advocating with the staff, expeditiously providing a safe and secure discharge plan, and hiring as well as monitoring home health aides and companions. If your spouse or parent is already a long-term resident of a skilled nursing facility or assisted living facility and you have concerns regarding their quality of care, we can be your "eyes and ears" by monitoring the ongoing services being provided for them, and advocating for their quality of life. 

Our services can easily be tailored for use by a wide variety of professionals whose time is very limited, including: hospital discharge planners, social workers, guardians, elderlawyers, attorneys, physicians, estate planners, financial planners, insurance companies, and trust officers. Our services are never intended to take your clients away from you; instead,  to work hand-in-hand with you, under your guidance, freeing up some of your valuable time, and impressing your clients with your efficiency.





Accessing In-Home Care

Home Visits

Lifeline Linkage

Advocating and Referrals with Professionals

Modifying the Environment

Entitlements and Benefits

Residential Placements

Crisis Intervention

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Family Mediation

PRI Screenings

Budgeting and Check Writing

Estate Appraisals and Evaluations

Moving Services


Consultation - (2 - 3 hours) In our office or via telephone, our consultation is conducted directly with or on behalf of the client and/or contact person.  It involves discussion of issues and problems, as well as concerns for the future, exploring options, and verbal recommendations.

Assessment - (2 - 4 hours in client's home) Our comprehensive assessment, which takes place in the home of our elderly client, is conducted with the client and/or caregiver.  It involves an extensive evaluation of the client’s physical, emotional, and psychosocial condition, as well as consideration of any necessary environmental modifications.  Our assessment is followed by a detailed report with recommendations for the caregiver.

Accessing In-Home Care - We will arrange to have a Home Health Aide (HHA) or Personal Care Attendant (PCA) come into the home of our client. We will contact, interview, and monitor the individual to ensure that our client is safe and satisfied.

Home Visits - Scheduled visits are made to the home to ensure the safety of our client and to note any changes in our client’s behavior or state of mind.

Lifeline Linkage - Accessing services for the provision of personal safety with the touch of a button, offering peace of mind to our client and their caregiver. 

Advocating and Referrals with Professionals - We will refer our client to the appropriate professionals, i.e. geriatric physicians, geriatric psychiatrists, and elder lawyers.  We can arrange appointments and discuss findings in laymen's terms.  We will advocate with these professionals on our client's behalf in order to represent them and promote their care.

Modification of the Environment - We ascertain that the home of our client is safe by recommending changes necessary to "elderize" the home, e.g. grab bars, lighting, etc. in order to enable the elder to successfully "age in place" and provide for their independent living. 

Entitlements and Benefits - Advising our clients and assisting them in navigating the Medicare/Medicaid system, and establishing contact with appropriate community and governmental services.

Residential Placement - Helping the family choose the most appropriate residential placement, including Senior Housing, Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), and Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC).

Crisis Intervention- Professional intervention and a support network for caregivers that are experiencing an emergency or crisis situation.  Objective guidance and advice to avert incorrect or inappropriate decisions.

Counseling and Psychotherapy - Emotional support and empathic listening to relieve the stressors associated with caring for demented, frail, or chronically ill parents.  Our goal is to prevent "caregiver burnout".  We also specialize in geriatric counseling, allowing for parents to confide personal issues that are difficult to discuss with children.

Family Mediation - ElderCare Advocates will act as a liaison, mediator, and neutral third party with family members in conflict.  Family sessions can be arranged to allow for discussion "of the issues" in a conciliatory atmosphere in an attempt to arrive at a consensus on what is best for the aging parent.

PRI Screening - We will arrange for the "Patient Review Instrument" (PRI) which is legally required for placement in a New York State skilled nursing facility and is required in many Assisted Living Facilities.

Budgeting and Check Writing - A monthly service provided for the elder who requires assistance with bill paying and check writing.  We can assist you  with financial planning to meet short and long- term needs.

Estate Appraisals and Evaluation - We provide expert estate appraisals as well as appraisals and evaluations of diamonds, precious stones, jewelry, and antiques.  This service is provided for attorneys, bank trust officers, certified public accountants, guardians, and families.

Moving Services- We will supervise and guide packing up and moving of the elder's possessions to ensure safe transport of personal property to a new destination.  This service is especially helpful for children living at a distance or who are unable to take time off from their professional and personal responsibilities.  Upon request, we will assist in distributing any properties to appropriate charities, or in obtaining bids for the sale of valuable items and memorabilia.  



Dear Prospective Client,

In dealing with our aging parents we tend frequently not to notice, and even to deny, the  telltale signs that signal the possible onset of a serious medical or psychological crisis, including such crises as: dementia, delirium, non-compliance with medication, depression, and social isolation. Children who see their parents frequently are prone to overlooking some of the signs mentioned below, sheerly from habituation; while children who see their parents less frequently might observe frightening changes from one distant visit to the next. It is imperative to differentiate between "normal aging" and the signs and symptoms requiring immediate professional intervention. The importance of early detection, and prompt intervention can not be overstated.

       WARNING!!! DANGER!!! 

  • Non-compliance with medication regimen

  • Pain

  • Weight loss or gain

  • Dizziness, numbness, nausea, loss of vision, slurred speech

  • Frequent falls

  • Incontinence of urine or bowel

  • Change in eating patterns

  • Change in sleeping patterns

  • Cessation of normal activities or hobbies

  • Refusal to leave home or meet with friends

  • Sudden gifting and distribution of personal property

  • Depression, and/or suicidal ideation

  • Changes in personality

  • Wandering

  • Inappropriate behaviors; dress, or sexual

  • Decline in personal hygiene 

  • Forgetfulness, confusion, disorientation

  • Forgetting to turn off the kitchen stove

  • Increasing agitation; particularly towards evening

  • Frequent repetition, physical/verbal abuse, delusions, paranoia,

  • Calling children repeatedly at inappropriate hours of day or night

  • Difficulty with money management; unpaid bills, inability to balance checkbook, etc.

The above warning signs should be taken seriously and not ignored; seek professional help immediately.

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