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Glenn K., Ph.D.  - Belmont,  MA

August 4, 2004

Dear Fred,

On behalf of my family, I'd like to convey our deepest thanks for all you have done over the past six months. In February, we were in a real crisis, with my mother declining rapidly, both mentally and physically, and my father, with his own difficulties walking, no longer able to cope with the situation. With your help each step of the way, we've made great progress since then getting both my parents moved to where they are receiving the assistance and care that they need, and they are both much happier, healthier, and safer than they were a few months ago.

From the beginning, when you were able to quickly get both my parents to trust you and accept your help - not an easy task- I knew you were the right person to help us. Since then, it has been clear that being a geriatric care manager is far more than a job for you, but rather a calling to which you are deeply committed. In the care you continue to provide to my mother, you've often done far more than we could expect.

The past six months have been a real struggle and I simply don't know how I could have gotten through it all without your guidance and support. Knowing that you will continue to monitor my mother's health and care each week while I'm hundreds of miles away, and that you will be available to help guide us through dealing with whatever comes next, is a true blessing.

I hope that you know the depth of my respect for you and appreciation for all that you have done, and continue to do, for my family.


Glenn K., Ph.D

Belmont,  MA


Shifra T. - Culver City,  CA

June 2, 2004

Dear Fred,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing work with my mother. My brother and I live out of state, and when we found you, were in dire need of services to help her relocate, and to provide general support for her. You stepped in with tremendous kindness and competence.

You were able to assess my mother and secure her placement in an assisted living facility in record time. My mother responds incredibly well to you, and she is grateful for your regular visits and counseling, as are we. She is moody and often needy, and you have been a great sport and effective care manager. You keep my brother and me well informed, but you function well independently.

I also want to acknowledge your skills and effectiveness in helping my mother make decisions and arrangements for this phase of her life. My priorities initially were to assure her immediate safety, but once you secured that, you proceeded to encourage her to address many of the important choices she faces. You advocated for her and advised her, and you connected her with an appropriate elder attorney. She agreed to the attorney's recommendations, and has signed all the necessary documents. No easy feat, and much more effectively accomplished by you than it could have ever been by me and my brother. All this was accomplished in just a matter of months.

Thank you for your compassion, consistency and competence. It is a tremendous relief for me to know that my mother is in good hands and that you will continue to advocate on her behalf to ensure that she continues to get what she needs. You have been a true blessing for us all, and I am grateful.

I recommend you with great confidence to others who need geriatric care management for their aging family members. Please encourage anyone considering your services to contact me if they want more information about our experiences working with you.

Best regards,

Shifra T.

Culver City,  CA


Susan D. - Brooklyn, NY

August 9, 2004

Dear Fred:

About four years ago, I faced the reality that my mother's apparent memory loss was more than just a normal, age-related decline. At that same time, I had begun a new job - a very responsible position in a small organization. For several weeks, as I wrestled with the conflicting demands of my job and my mother's erratic behavior, I knew I had to find another solution. An ad in "Jewish Week" prompted me to call Eldercare Advocates, and I found the help I needed.

While my mother's friends had been quietly stepping out of the picture, unable to deal with her constant repetitions and obsessive behavior. Dr. Moskovitz, of Eldercare Advocates, became her new best friend- and one of mine. In the early stages, he helped me understand her disease, and helped both of us work through the anger and frustration of AD. He's been there to make referrals and oversee her care, and early on saved me the very important and time-intensive task of interviewing home health aides for daily assistance. He's found doctors and specialists as needed, and has accompanied my mother to many of her scheduled appointments. And, let me not overlook the birthday parties that he's arranged for my mom, each one bringing her moments of sheer joy and excitement, notwithstanding the fact that he knows they'll be forgotten in a few hours.

More than anything else, his reassurance and guidance has helped me navigate the changing relationship from daughter to caregiver, and to know and accept that I'm doing the best I can. It's the best peace of mind I can hope for.


Susan D.

Brooklyn, NY


Ellen W. - Grand Junction, CO

  "There really aren’t words to express my gratitude for all you have done for my parents and helping me to get them out here.  All that you did was done with genuine caring and compassion, honesty, and impeccable integrity.  If only there were more like you in this world, it would be a healthier, happier place.

For me, you went far beyond mere “social work”, ensuring everyone was treated with dignity and as a human being.  I feel extremely lucky to have found a “stranger” I could trust with the lives of my parents, and at the same time, being lucky in that you are no longer a stranger, but a friend.  Of course, you have a standing invitation to visit Colorado."

The coins I enclosed are for your children and/or grandchildren.  I’m sure my father would have wanted you to have them for taking such good care of him and my mother (and they will also be a little reminder of the day you got them and all that you went through; hee, hee!)
                                                            Your friend,
                                                                        Ellen W.


 Professor Irene Deitsch - College of Staten Island/ CUNY-Options Program

Dear Mr. Moskovitz,

"I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for volunteering to teach for OPTIONS: College Study Program for the Older Adult.  In the two semesters you have been with us, you have demonstrated total commitment, caring and expertise in every course you undertook to teach.  the students expressed their appreciation for giving excellent presentations of material.

It is regrettable that your schedule prevents you from continuing with us.  I hope you are aware that whenever you can find the time, you are more than welcome to join us again.  You will be missed at our holiday party.

Please stay in touch with us.  We value your work and look forward to having you rejoin our program.  Your agency is fortunate to have such a sensitive administrator.  I know we were.  If there is anything I can do to further your career, please feel free to contact me.


Irene Deitch, Ph.D.; Chair



Ellen W. - Grand Junction, CO

"Thanks for bringing us all together again..."

"We have you and all your incredibly hard work to thank....I'll call all my friends to come and meet the "Awesome Freddy"



Bette B. - Stamford, CT

"Thank you for your assistance.  I'd recommend you in a minute."



Susan E. - New York, NY

Congratulations, Dr. Fred!

You are better than Dr. Phil....

Thanks so much,